What is TMJ?

TMJ is a common dysfunction of the hinge that connects each side of  the lower jaw to the skull, together referred to as the  temporomanidular joint. Some 90% of cases are in women 18-44.  Patients suffering from TMJ can experience facial pain, clicking popping and locking of the jaw, headaches, tooth aches and muscle spasms

What causes TMJ?

Psychological  Stress is the number #1 reason which causes, grinding and clenching of  your teeth, although there are other causes that may be directly linked to  your TMJ, including, but not limited to: Trauma (Motor Vehicle  Accident) Overbite Dental work Bruxism (grinding at night or during the day) Posture Rheumatoid Arthritis TMJ synovitis, or disc  derangement Hypermobile  joint Obstructive sleep apnea Research shows patients with lower pain tolerances experience increase cases of TMJ

How do i get rid of TMJ?

Each presenting case of TMJ is unique and will require a specialized treatment plan to address the primary underlying cause. In each case we provide holistic approach to pain relief and surgery prevention. Patients are advised on neuromuscular exercises, myofascial massage and corrective self care habits. We work closely with dentist to provide a comprehensive treatment when necessary.

An estimated 75%-80% of cases will resolve with a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment

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