Insurance Information

We Accept many types of health insurances, FSA and HSA plans so be sure call ahead to check your benefits.

Insurance is getting more complex every year and we often find that patients have trouble under standing what benefits they have and when they get applied to treatment. 

 We accept many PPO insurances that have “out of network” benefits. 


In the last five years “ASH” American Specialty Health has over taken All CAM (Complementary alternative medicine) services from insurance companies.  We often here from clients ” I have the best insurance plan platinum ultra PPO plus everything is covered I pay 3k per month for it.” Even with the best insurance plan and have met your deductable, ASH only pays providers 25-40$ for an entire treatment. With the cost of living in California it would be impossible to work with these companies and provide world class service to our clients. 

In network providers are limited to what can and can not be done with chiropractic care. Typical In Network care consists of heat pack TENS and Adjustments which is considered the bear minimum for care. Patients often criticize chiropractors for not spending time with the patient, Lengthy treatment plans 3-6 months, not listening or fixing their problems. Insurance is a big part in this.

Like anything in life you get what you pay for. If you want minimal and subparr care this is not the place for you. We are passionate about our profession and want the best for our patents.

We also feel it is important for patients to understand what insurance companies are doing to the providers around the country and lack of care they are giving to patients. Don’t get me started on deductibles copays and co-insurance…

We support our Active or former Military, Student, Fire Fighter, Police officer, or EMS with 25% discount on service.