Nasal Release Technique

Nasal release technique

Nasal release Techniques is an adjustment technique that treats pain and health problems associated with sleep apnea, concussion and other head trauma. 

Other names include cranial facial release, endonasal technique, nasal cranial release, bilateral nasal specific technique, functional cranial release and neurocranial restructuring nasal specific technique.

What is Nasal Release Technique? 

  • The procedure uses a small finger cot fixed to an inflatable device which is inserted into the nasal passages.
  • The balloon inflation presses outward against the bones lining the breathing passages and adjusts the sutures of the skull, particularly the sphenoid. This ultimately relieves the forces that have gone into the skull by releasing any impactions in the cranial sutures.

Benefits of Nasal Cranial Treatment 

  • Non-Invasive procedure alternative to surgery and medication
  • Safe and Quick results 
  •  Particularly helpful to individuals experiencing post-concussion syndrome, headaches, orofacial/craniofacial pain, TMJ dysfunction, difficulty breathing through their nose and sleep disturbances.
Risks and Side Effects
  • This procedure will not be performed on anyone with hemophilia. A bleeding disorder in which the patient does not produce enough platelets to aid in coagulation of the blood.
  • Certain medications can thin the blood and are used to treat blood clots to prevent stroke.
  • Minor nose bleeds are rare and typically happen in dryer area with high elevation.

In conclusion

  • The majority of people who come in for Nasal Release technique are often last resort patients who have been through the gamut of conventional medical procedures without success, and are looking for a more conservative alternative approach to care that is cost effective and works!
  • Beneficial for breathing disorders, sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea, deviated septums, migraine headaches, TMJ disorder, vertigo, facial pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia) ,  Post-Concussion Syndrome, seizures, facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) and neurological disorders
  • It has also been used successfully in the treatment of infants with craniometaphyseal dysplasia (infantile skull deformities), hydrocephalus, and children with learning disorders
  • The ability to breath deeper  been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system. in conjunction with breathing exercises can have immediate effects by altering the pH of the blood, or changing blood pressure.
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